We're the first movement servers.


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Before you say "No EdAn.Gg WaS tHe FiRsT mOvEmEnT sErVeRs" no, they don't count.
Why? Because they're 128 tick, and just competitive servers that doesn't allow cheating of any kind.

Which is why I created these servers, 64 tick, for movement, cheating allowed, no freekilling (unlike Edan's servers) and no HvH. It's way different than Edan's.

So I call it the first movement servers! :D (The kz server definitely isn't the first though, the first one was aiyu's I think)

Hosting since June 2020. Also has demos, yeah. If anyone know any fix to, like, uncap the demos (90mb on NA site, 32mb on EU for some reason) so the players can finally download/extract without any issues, please do let me know, and thanks!!!