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Got rule-breakers to report? Alright. Copy and fill out the form and create a new thread.

- We recommend shadowplay instant replay (if you have nvidia experience installed) for easier clipping, or OBS replay buffer.
- Upload to Streamable or YouTube.
- If you were not able to clip, please link the demo instead, if you can't extract it either.
- Staff abusing powers? Please make sure to show yourself typing /admins or sm_admins in chat, opening the staff's profile and copying link in the recording.
└ So we know it's not an impersonator trying to frame a staff. Thank you!

Search up steam ID finder to get STEAM_0:0254352345 ID. (If it only shows 0s, find another site.)
(We also have Steam ID on disconnect plugin too, it's in the console.)

Player you're reporting:

Steam ID/Profile link of the player:

What did the player do?:

When did it happen?

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