my staff appilcation


- First name, main alias, age and discord tag?:
mump, 16 years old, mump#6799
- How long have you played on the server(s)? And how many hours on the server? NA or EU?:
120 hours on both bhopping servers
- Region and timezone?:
gmt +2 north eu
- How often do you play on the server(s)?:
Almost every day
- Which server do you want to be staff on?:
both are ok
- Describe yourself:
I am just a regular guy from finland and i like to play video games and make friends on the internet
- Steam ID or Profile link:
- Past experiences as a staff in any servers? For how long?:
i used to be staff in a server about 4 years ago for a while
- Reason to be a part of the staff team?:
I want to ban freekillers and other rulebreakers that are ruining my and other people's experience in the movementing server


great potential and honest guy i think he deserves to be staff teammate
Pro keep the great work


Professional Retard
Staff member
Why do you have to be so evil :( I did nothing to you
you were always a rule breaker possibly and a cringe talker.

since you told me on my stream you don't cringetalk anymore, i hope that's true. note that i only have problems with cringe talkers, idiots, hypocrites, and others.

if you actually want to be staff to keep the servers clean, it's gonna take you a while for us to trust you. don't break any rules and cringe talk again and you may reapply in a few months.