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- First name, main alias, age and discord tag?:Lexo,15 turning 16,Lexo#3991But known as XVI ingame
- How long have you played on the server(s)? And how many hours on the server? NA or EU?:For around 6-7 months on a bunch of alts because i used detected cheats and got banned on most(very cringe ik),on my accout now i have like 2 days of play time even tho i have the account for like a month or smthing like that
- Region and timezone?:Europe UTC+1
- How often do you play on the server(s)?:pretty much everyday for the week
- Which server do you want to be staff on?:Eu movement server
- Describe yourself:Hi Im lexo i come from macedonia,i have been doing movement since 2018,i started with hns and kz,then went to vnl and found fun doing movement on comp/vnl settings alot more fun and switched to it,for the time i have played vnl i consider my self pretty decent i can hit alot of hard jumps and some routes ofcourse :D,but to be honest im here for the fun,freinds and good time so i dont really get mad at someone for free killing me i just ask why he/she did it and nothing else
- Steam ID or Profile link: STEAM_0:0:577325774
- Past experiences as a staff in any servers? For how long?:Was actually a head admin on a na hns server which shut down,Was an admin on efrag hns(resigned because i moved to vnl),and was an admin on a kzt server for like a month then resigned because i was not active on it,also an admin on a romanian hns server(which shut down),Was an admin on solved then i resigned
- Reason to be a part of the staff team?:Im active on the server everyday for a long time and i spot some rule breakers who in my opinion have to be punished so they can stop ruining the play experience and fun for the other players
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-rep cringetalker (saying kys and other slurs), freekiller and liar


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I'd approve this but you didn't provide your playtime link. 2 days is 48 hours, atleast 100+ total is needed. (spectime doesn't count btw)

your form was also kinda a mess, it was hard to read.

i've also checked your IP on sourcebans, you don't seem to have any bans at all, and that's good.

sorry but denied, because you didn't provide your playtime link. you may try again later.