Introducing and Rules (Including Freekilling rules, low-standard clipping, etc.)


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Hello, welcome to the forums!
Here you can discuss, apply for staff, post any media, etc. here!

Rules (Applies to all servers):
- Speak english only.
- Disrespecting staff is not tolerated.
- No toxicity. Keep it friendly please.
- Leaking information, doxing or ddosing of any kind will get you banned permanently.
- Don't be cringe.
- Advertising discord/cheats will get you banned permanently. (Or social media with rats/viruses related).
- Absolutely NO gore, porn, disgusting media of any kind, or you'll be permanently banned.
- We do not respect scammers. They are NOT welcome in this community.

Offences depending on cases:
- First offence is one day or longer. (1440 minutes = 1 day)
- Second is one week or longer. (10080 minutes = 1 week)
- Third is more than a week to permanent. (0 minutes, if trial-mods can't, do countless 9's, like 999999999)

Staff disrespect, toxicity, cringe-talking, or false reporting:
- First is 30-60 minutes or longer.
- Second is 1 day or longer.
- Third is 1 week or longer to permanent.

Movement server rules:
- No freekilling. (Only allowed at 15 seconds every round end)
- No raging/HvH.
- Low-standard clip/kills are not tolerated.

Low standard clip/kills that are considered freekilling:
- Standing/crouching noscopes(nosc/ns).
- Short distance jumpshots(js). (Atleast 10-15+ meters is fine)
- Single edgebug(eb). (Except if you hit a long-dist jumpshot after, it's fine, same for these below)
- Single jumpbug(jb) jumps like cat to chair(c2c)
- Single longjump(lj). (such as palace to tetris(p2t) or bench to bricks(b2b) with lj bind)
- Spamming jumpshots mostly from short distance.
- Single one-hop.
- double/triple-eb over and over again, depending on eb settings and routes, if it's easy to hit.
- Pretty much anything that's easy to hit.

If you hit a pretty high standard clip, you may be allowed to get extra kills.
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