Apply for staff here! (IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Want to apply for staff?
Great! Read everything here carefully.

- Staff Requirements -
1. You must be mature enough. (As in being chill, not toxic, at least usually)
2. You must have at least 200+ hours of playtime. (Spectator hours don't count. Do not AFK. We will know.)
3. You must not have any previous bans/punishments. (Except if it was false with evidence)
4. You must be in the discord server, and check forums often.
5. You must have a lot of free time, or at least a few hours a day. (Be active)
6. You must do your job, don't be lazy.
7. You must obey every single
rules. (click on "rules.")
8. Past staff experiences may be required, otherwise we can train you.

You can check your playtime here:
NA / EU (click)
You'll still be staff on all servers even if you only play on one of them.

- Create a thread > here < fill out the form. -
1. Main alias, age and discord tag?
2. Link your playtime here:
3. Region & time zone?
4. How often do you play on the server(s)?
5. Which server(s) do you want to be staff on?
6. Describe yourself:
7. Steam ID or profile link:
8. Any past staff experience, for how long?
9. Why do you want to be a part of the staff team?

Don't lie or shit-post, or you get blacklisted.
- For #5, if you play or want to be a staff on NA and EU, just write "both" and include NA and EU playtime links in #2. (You must play on both if so.)
- One account only. Banned or not, we don't care. To avoid switching accounts a lot, use a non-banned account.
- Don't ask us to review your applications, or it'll get denied.
- For higher chance to get accepted, give us more information in #6, #8, and #9.
- Once you get accepted, please turn on 2FA for Discord and the forum. If you don't have a phone, use or (You can use email for the forum)

- Extra information -
1. You should never ask for promotions. It's up to them whether to promote you or not. It depends on how you're doing your job.
2. If you've been inactive for at least two weeks, you'll be demoted. Please let us know if you're going on a vacation or whatever.
3. If you do get demoted, you can always re-apply. (Depending on cases)
4. Don't ever make up excuses. We have logs for everything, we always record everything.
5. Please try to ban people through #report-here using SourceBans, whenever you're not home or on PC, and when you have free time.
6. We would really appreciate if you help deal with rule-breakers on the other servers you don't play on, when the other staff are not on.
7. Make sure to say "banned" after banning people on #report-here.
8. Please don't mute notifications of the Discord server (or channels like #report-here, #na/eu-calladmin, etc.)
9. If someone asks you for an unban, just link him the ban appeal forum. (Depends on cases, don't ever respond to them or they'll waste your time crying in your DMs)

- FAQs -
Q. What if my application gets denied?
A. You can always reapply in at least a week to a month, or until you meet all requirements.

Q. I don't have any past experience as staff, how do I do this?
A. You can always ask our trustworthy staff, or read #staff-info or something.

Q. What if I make mistakes? Like banning the wrong person, or permanently when I meant 1 day?
A. You can go to SourceBans, click on the person you banned, then click "Unban" (not Delete ban)
Also, use minutes. !ban <name/id> <minutes> <reason> (Example: !ban breezetix 1440 being a retard)
Don't worry, you'll learn over time and get used to it.

Q. Won't they hate on me for doing my job?
A. Welcome to the staff. It's normal. You'll get used to it. That's the fun part though, if they talk shit to you for doing your job, just mute them :3

Q. How will you know what we're doing?
A. Logs. Stealth. Spectate.

It'd be better if you've been around in this community for a few months, trustworthy, chill, etc.

Otherwise, we always give people (who gets accepted) trial-mod so we'd give them a try, and see how they do.
If they don't do well or do their job enough, they'll get demoted. They can always re-apply when they learn more or able to do their job more enough.

Also, don't ever make excuses when you get demoted. If it happens, just accept it. Making up excuses or lying only makes it worse.
If I know you, and you get demoted, it doesn't mean I won't talk to you or hang out with you anymore.

Mason was a mod of mine, until I checked the clips and demos of him letting his friends freekill and ban people who killed him or his friends.
Then he started crying and talking shit in my DMs, making up excuses saying he didn't do it.
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