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    Blacklisted players from applying for staff

    hello why my staff application got denied
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    saihtam's staff applicaton

    -rep free killer end your life
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    zxow's staff application

    Why would i wait longer i fit the requirements now
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    zxow's staff application

    Main alias, age and discord tag? my alias is zxow, i am 17 years old and my discord tag is zxow#6446 Link your playtime here: Region & time zone? Eastern europe, GMT+3 How often do you play on the server(s)? Everyday...
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    Drainer's staff app

    +rep very active player with great potential as a staff member
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    post proof
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    Ban appeal

    i support the unban, permanent for being cringe is just too much
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    Lexo trial app

    pro very active and nice person :D
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    my staff appilcation

    great potential and honest guy i think he deserves to be staff teammate Pro keep the great work
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    guap application

    very active player right here great potential ! !
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    Ban Appeal

    you were banned by breezetix Contact him
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    thank you Brother

    thank you Brother
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    hai follow my profile

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    Ban Appeal

    found 1 ban with your steam id which is 1 day and expired
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    Ban Appeal

    i couldnt find any user banned named "gore" if you got banned for 1 week for freekilling its probably your second ban first ban is 1day- 2nd is 1 week and so on
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    Ban Appeal

    linking your sourcebans Ban would help