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  1. mump

    Lexo trial app

    -rep cringetalker (saying kys and other slurs), freekiller and liar
  2. mump

    my staff appilcation

    Why do you have to be so evil :( I did nothing to you
  3. mump

    my staff appilcation

    - First name, main alias, age and discord tag?: mump, 16 years old, mump#6799 - How long have you played on the server(s)? And how many hours on the server? NA or EU?: 120 hours on both bhopping servers - Region and timezone?: gmt +2 north eu - How often do you play on the server(s)?: Almost...
  4. mump

    i found a bug

    when you get tagged in chat box it will appear like this (i highlighted the text so you can see)
  5. mump