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    saihtam's staff applicaton

    false drainer is #1 playtime with 200+ hours
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    saihtam's staff applicaton

    +rep 1000% great player never seen this guy do anything bad or rule break on the server honestly would make great EU staff as we need more
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    Please add this map

    Add cobble that would be nice good maps with good routes
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    Kamz Staff Application

    +/- rep not sure with the hours could be talking about time on combined accounts, please provide your age in the first bullet point, other that that this guy seems alright ive seen him on a few times never seen him break rules Edit: Does not meet the hour requirement
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    Drainer's staff app

    +rep 110%, great honest guy plays alot would make great staff, not ur average 13 year old very mature and is #1 for playtime on the servers.
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    nice uid

    nice uid
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    why I want uid 2 :(

    why I want uid 2 :(
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    Remove gm_construct

    please remove this map there is nothing to do on it :cry:
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    Everyone comment on my profile

    pretty please with a cherry on top :)
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    Huge forum hours
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    Update your status...

    Update your status...