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  1. breezetix

    Blacklisted players

    People who are blacklisted from applying for staff: Venom (CallMeVenom) - Constantly asking for mod, cringetalking, being weird, probably breaks our rules, "has a big ego" he says. Tekno (fish gaming) - Always cringetalking which I fucking hate, never follows rules. More coming soon when I...
  2. breezetix

    fires appilcation

    okay, i'm retarded and misread, first of all, i thought you had atleast 100+ hours, i guess you meant 1 day as you played for a day, not total. you didn't have to put the same link again in the other question. still not enough information about your past experience as staff. i did not need to...
  3. breezetix

    Fires Staff app

    you didn't provide the link to your playtime not enough details about your past experiences as a staff, and reason to be a part of staff. you may reapply again
  4. breezetix

    Ban appeal

    Final — Today at 3:36 AM WEAHTG [3:37 AM] ok lemme find a clip [3:45 AM] he was being unfunny, racist, making rape jokes and moaning so i just banned him cause he was rejoining on other accs i have 270 clips to go through lmao
  5. breezetix

    Sway staff app

    its my rules. it has to be atleast 100+ hours.
  6. breezetix

    We're the first movement servers.

    Before you say "No EdAn.Gg WaS tHe FiRsT mOvEmEnT sErVeRs" no, they don't count. Why? Because they're 128 tick, and just competitive servers that doesn't allow cheating of any kind. Which is why I created these servers, 64 tick, for movement, cheating allowed, no freekilling (unlike Edan's...
  7. breezetix

    Ban Appeal

    only 2 bans so i'll let you go on this one.
  8. breezetix

    Sway staff app

    has to be atleast 100 hours total on ONE account
  9. breezetix

    Sway staff app

    link your playtime (on both servers)
  10. breezetix

    Sway staff app

    as in, you play 5 hours a day, but only on weekends, or can you play every day?
  11. breezetix

    u gay

    u gay
  12. breezetix

    my staff appilcation

    you were always a rule breaker possibly and a cringe talker. since you told me on my stream you don't cringetalk anymore, i hope that's true. note that i only have problems with cringe talkers, idiots, hypocrites, and others. if you actually want to be staff to keep the servers clean, it's...
  13. breezetix

    Lexo trial app

    I'd approve this but you didn't provide your playtime link. 2 days is 48 hours, atleast 100+ total is needed. (spectime doesn't count btw) your form was also kinda a mess, it was hard to read. i've also checked your IP on sourcebans, you don't seem to have any bans at all, and that's good...
  14. breezetix

    my staff appilcation

    mump what did i tell ya? you're never getting staff.
  15. breezetix

    Merky's staff app

    you may reapply again when you have atleast 100 hours. sorry.
  16. breezetix

    guap application

    mmm, yes the playtime hours are accurate, just note that, when you set up for the first time they start counting hours, of course not from the start before it was setup. and next time keep the questions in the form. you may reapply again when you have atleast 100 hours. sorry.
  17. breezetix

    Remove gm_construct

    I mean, you could just jump off the building and kill yourself hit jumpshots from long ass distances.
  18. breezetix

    how gay r u

    how gay r u
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  20. breezetix

    Report bugs here.

    Got bugs to report, such as glitches or store menu is fucked, or whatever? Report here. With screenshots or clips or whatever.